Diary of a Deadbeat Bride

Diary of a Deadbeat Bride

If you don’t already know from reading my blog, I have two weddings coming up in September; one here in the UK and one in my native US. The main bits are done for both like the ceremony and reception venues, photographers, and DJ. However I still have a long list of things I have to getting sorted. It’s not that I’m not excited about the wedding, far from it. I just don’t get the excited about flowers, favours, and table decorations. However I better start showing some enthusiasm cuz my mom is exasperated by how immature and un-organised I am. She chewed my backside off on Sunday evening and I’m surprised I still have something left to sit on!

Okay mom I hear you, I’ll buy the flags (don’t ask), sort my dress, write my vows, select the music…ugh I need a nap!

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  1. Adriana says:

    Dear Friend,
    I understand you completely. It’s been a long time since I started planning my wedding and still there are a lot of missing details. I can’t imagine organizing two of them.
    Just keep in mind that once they’re over, you will really enjoy them and miss that day when the years pass.
    (that’s what keeps me sane haha)

  2. says:

    Hey Adriana – That’s what my mom keeps telling me to just do it and get it over with but I’m such a procrastiantor. My bridesmaid is coming over on Friday so we can sort a battle plan to finish the rest of it.

    thanks for you comment, glad to know I’m not the only who is in this boat!

  3. Debbie says:

    Hilarious! I so love that your mum gave you hell, its great when your mum tells you off when you are over 30 isn’t it!! Now, come on, stop blogging about the stuff you should have done and haven’t, just get it done. Make lists and tick things off, ooh I love being bossy! xx

  4. Pinkty says:

    My bestfriend is getting married in september and she has loads of things to sort out !
    But this is going to be a great day, so you have to plan it well now to enjoy it fully on THE DAY :-)

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi All

    My first time of messaging on here. I am the bridesmaid mentioned. Neither of us have a clue about weddings but rest assured we will get there. I am ready for it, will be taking the alchol, vallium and chocolate cake!! We will get it done, with out a hick…opps mean hitch!

  6. LeanneOCD says:

    I’m sure you’ll get everything sorted A. Everything will be perfect on your big day/s. Lauren will be on hand to help you out and we are here if you need us.

    It’s funny because while I love weddings (other people’s) the thought of planning (and actually being there ) at my own wedding fills me with a certain amount of dread. I’m not telling you I’m getting married. I’m still living in sin (muhahahaha) with The Boy, but I just think so much emphasis is put on the wedding day itself and not so much on the marriage. Let your Mum have a little stress out, but at the end of the day, as long as you and Jamie are happy – that’s the main thing.

    I can’t wait to hear all about it…. x

  7. Jo Wood says:

    Cor, good luck to you! I’m Miad of Honour for my best friend’s wedding next year and I’m already losing sleep over it! xoxo

  8. says:

    @Debbie – I don’t need you yelling me too he he :D
    @Pinkty – you are right I need to think about the day itself and not all the planning!
    @Lauren – What would we do without our mum’s eh? Well I wouldn’t have my flowers sorted for starters!
    @Leanne – Aww thanks for your sweet words, and yes I can bore you to death with it all when I see you!
    @Jo – Well hopefully she won’t turn into a Bridezilla, Lauren is allowed to pan me over the head if I do!

    Thanks for all your comments ladies, I’m sure everything will be fine in the end. xoxo

  9. Lela says:

    Atleast you have me over here on this side of the world to keep things going!!

  10. says:

    Hello Lela – Yes without you I’d be screwed you keep mother in check! :D

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