Debbie’s review – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm

Debbie’s review – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm

by on September 22, 2017 · 1 comment

Debbie from This week I have mostly been loving is taking over today. She is my eyebrow queen, a keen photographer and runs a guest house – over to you my beauty blogging babe!

If I am being really honest have never been a huge fan of the iconic Neutrogena hand cream, it always feels to me like it sits on my skin rather than actually soaking in, as a result don’t buy much Neutrogena stuff.

When I was on holiday recently, staying with my parents in Cornwall, my sister and her family came home from a 3 week holiday in Spain.  They were all very tanned and my middle nephew, who is a hulking 6’ 4” 17 year old who is more likely to paint his nails pink than worry about the state of his skin was sat outside chatting to his grandma and his Aunty, poor love, when he mentioned that his skin was quite itchy.  Grandma, had just the thing.  (I think it’s compulsory Grandmas must keep a remedy for all things that can’t be fixed with a hug, at all times!).

Grandma returned with a tub of Neutrogena Deep Moisture Comfort Balm.  Nephew looked a little skeptical initially but was soon rubbing great wodges of this stuff into his arms and legs, we even encourage him to rub a little into his face! A bit later my sister sat down next to her son and in the course of their conversation she put her hand on his arm. “oh” she said “your skin, its really soft!”  Well, I decided that if it can have a noticeably softening effect on the tanned hide of a grungy teen it could only work wonders on the scrubbed, buffed and cosseted skin of his 45 year old Aunt!

They say:

Deep Moisture is clinically proven to deliver active moisture up to 10 layers deep in the skin*, providing moisture where it’s needed the most. Its non-greasy texture melts into the skin immediately, leaving skin perfectly soothed and soft. Comfort balm is suitable for both face and body.

And they aren’t wrong.  This stuff is lovely!  It is incredibly moisturizing but it soaks right in without leaving an annoying tacky layer, which generally puts me off using body balms, especially in the morning before dressing.  I am writing this from home a good 3 weeks since I used the balm and have no recollection of the smell annoyingly, I guess that means it wasn’t overly fragranced, I wouldn’t imagine that it would be to be honest.

It is £6.15 for 300ml, so wont break the bank and I am sure Mum said she got her’s on special offer, or maybe when Boots were running one of their £5 off voucher schemes, not sure, but even at full price its not going to break the bank!

If you want a body moisturizer with more heft than a lotion but without the greasy, sticky after-feel that a balm normally has this could be right up your street!

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September 22, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Thanks for this Debbie – I use the Neutrogena in the pump and find it cheap and effective, like the look of this though being a bit more balmy and rich. Am off tomorrow so will go on a rece/reke? Jan xx


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