Dead Sea Source Review | Invigorating Coffee Body Wash

Dead Sea Source Invigorating Coffee Body Wash 300ml

When I met Jamie in 2008 he was using leftover Lynx and other Christmas gift sets for shower gel. He would use whatever was around. Fast forward a few years later and he promptly turned his nose up when he saw this! I said that just because something isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it won’t work. I’m now eating those words for my tea.

Dead Sea Source says of it’s Invigorating Coffee Body Wash – “It contains marine extracts combined with Fair Trade coffee and lemongrass, basil and black pepper. It is a great antioxidant cleanser for the whole body and leaves skin soft and smooth.”

I bought this because of the promise of coffee to invigorate my skin and get me going. I like the bottle, it reminds me of a flask and it’s quite a generous size. I road tested it on a Monday morning as I need all the help I can get to start the week. The scent unfortunately doesn’t smell like coffee. Jamie says (and I agree) that it smells really sweet like a powdery cocoa with caramel thrown in. This is fine if you like chocolate but I was expecting to be hit with the smell of a freshly ground roast.

The shower gel lathers really well and does get you clean but this didn’t feel like anything special. The powdery cocoa scent doesn’t even last very long so what’s the point? Dead Sea Source do other body washes but I would hazard a guess that they have the bog standard marine/sea salt type smell. In my opinion this sits in no mans land for shower gels. Probably a little pricier than some people are willing to pay but not pricey enough to make you think it’s good quality. It’s a shame, I was looking for a good alternative to Korres and there is no chance of that with this! Somehow Korres manage to get it right with their quality and price point but Dead Sea Source have missed the mark. I think I will start a petition to Starbucks for a bath and body range!

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