Cute Fun Vintage Lip Balms – American Lip Balms

American Beauty – Lip treats from across the pond

I can never get enough lip balms. I keep them in my bag, at work, in my nightstand and on my makeup table. I need loads as they are easy to lose. But I don’t want any old tube or tin, I need something fun and cute. I want these now!

Vintage Bella – This is Zoe Frosting from the Marie Antoinette Queen’s Patisserie collection. It’s 1755 all over again!

Pin Up Balms – Fancy a drink? These kitsch tins contain cocktail bar favourites like Irish Cream, Sangria, and Champagne. Cheers!

Blu Q – Boss Lady lip balm in Honeysuckle Nectar. Give yourself a promotion and let the office now you mean business with the lovely balm.

Vintage Sister – I love these retro tins and the cute pictures. You can also send them flavour ideas! I love this set ‘At the Movies’ which includes Popcorn, Red Liquorice, and Cola. Everyone should have Popcorn flavoured lip balm!

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