COPD Two Month Spending Ban

I’m on a two month spending ban – no foolin!

After much contemplation I’ve decided to go on a beauty shopping hiatus until June. I got organised last weekend and put all the products I haven’t reviewed yet into a spreadsheet and I was a bit shocked at how much stuff I have. As I’m sure you’ll all agree beauty addicts are always looking for their next fix, and I am no different. The excitement of finding a new face cream, a lip balm from exotic lands, or a scrub that claims to make my skin as smooth as glass. The thrill of the chase is sometimes better than the prize but we always come back for more.

In reality though, I’ve got enough goodies to keep me going for sometime and I won’t be short of things to write about. I just have to stay away from the Bermuda triangle that is Boots, Superdrug, and TK Maxx. And ignore the emails I get from Molton Brown and other beauty websites like Lookfantastic, Bath & Unwind, and Feelunique. I’m hoping to have a decent amount of empties to show you at the end of my spending break.

Anyone else doing something this crazy sensible?

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Gosh, I applaud you! I want to do the same thing but hate the thought of failing at anything and I’m pretty sure I’d fail at this.

    Can’t wait to find out how you get on, be strong!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I think I’m with you. I have more products than I know what to do with. Certainly enough to keep me reviewing for months. YEAH. I’m going to do this too.

  3. I am the same way! I should really get a spreadsheet together, I try to keep all the unreviewed products in a box but it never works out, I always take things out to use them or move the box to do photos and it’s just not organized. I’ve also been trying to limit my beauty spending (so far I’ve been pretty successful). Good luck!

  4. says:

    @Charlotte – Well I’ve got two weddings in September so that is a lot of my motivation as well. I can’t really justify buying anything when I still have other things to pay for otherwise I will have a wedding dress made out of shower gels!

    @Suzanne – Excellent! Thanks for joining me then we can talk on Twitter about what we are lemming for but can’t have – it will like therapy for beauty addicts.

    @MLBB – I’ve been doing the exact same thing as you, moving stuff in different places around my home office and when Jamie goes to use something I tell him he can’t because I’ve not taken a picture yet. I bought myself a few more things right before my spending ban and when I get them they will go straight onto my ‘inventory’ and put into the ‘needs picture’ box. That way I won’t lose track if I take something away. In theory it should work!

    Thanks for your helpful comments beauty babes! xoxo

  5. Pinkty says:

    I have more products that I need to have too, but you are very brave to go on a 2month no buy. I will never be able to do it !
    The best thing you can try to do is each time you are tempted is to put the money in a box and see how much you will get by the end of the 2 months ! So that you can put the money on your wedding dress :-)

  6. Sultry Red says:

    I really should stop spending… I’ve stopped buying lotions and potions because I have to many but make up is another thing… I see a nail polish or lip balm and it calls my name.. :’(

  7. says:

    @Pinkty – That is a good idea, I have some cute little kawaii pepper banks that I can put the money into. I did get through day one so I’ve done okay. Plus my co-worker Zoe is keeping an eye on me!

    @Sultry Red – Lip Balm really gets me too, I think because it’s often cheap and small and doesn’t feel like a big beauty purchase. Nail polish and cheap face masks are the same!

    Thanks for the comments beauty gurus!

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