COPD Nail Polish Haulage

Nail polish haul – the spending ban is over!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweet about wanting a cat. Heaven knows Ms. Red of Ms. Red’s Beauty Blog has taken the brunt of my bemoaning of not having a feline friend. I have even resulted in having her Twitpic me pictures of her beloved crabby tabby Tabitha. This is my neighbour’s cat Jelly Bean who is a right little madam. She only wants attention on her terms otherwise I get ignored. However while I was outside yesterday she took an interest in what I was taking pictures of.

Here are the first of my little treats to celebrate the end of the spending ban and look ma, not a scrub in sight! I still have too many to review to be fair so really it’s not that impressive that I haven’t bought any. As you can see I’ve gone a bit cuckoo for colour, some are to try for my wedding day nails and the pinks well what can I say? I know my mom will be shocked with this sudden turn of girliness – I don’t know what’s happening!

As for the gorgeous golden tabby with the bad cattitude, I had to rescue my new treasures before she knocked them down off the wall. Well at least she has good taste!

So what do you think of my haulage ladies?

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  1. That cat is so cute.
    The nail varnishes aren’t bad either. :)

    In fact they are beautiful.
    I want to steal them…and the cat.


  2. Jen says:

    Great haul… Love the colors! Is that Papaya Punch? I’ve been wanting to pick that up.

  3. vonnie says:

    is that turned up turquoise on the end? i wore that this week and everyone went bananas for it, with hidden treasure top coat by sally hansen :D it’s on blog, if you want to see how it looks with a cool top coat


  4. Jade says:

    oOOH nice haulage, I’m such a sucker for pretty mints and minty blue/greens :D

  5. Kizzy says:

    Eye candy!! :-)

  6. Oooh I love all the pink shades!! Lovely kitty too, I think you should get one :) I have 3 of them!

  7. LeanneOCD says:

    I thought you would go mental once the ban had been lifted! Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see them on you. Totally love the turquoise one x

  8. Pinkty says:

    I love all these nail polishes, they all look nice ! And the cat is lovely, you’re lucky that you can photograph stuff with a cat next to you, my kitten Guimauve would run into everything !!!
    I am going to take pics for my blog but I will close the door so that she can’t come :-)

  9. What beauties! I’m especially intrigued by the turquoise nearest in the picture, which one is that?
    Love the kitty! I couldn’t imagine life without a cat. How unusual for a female to be ginger! x

  10. Lily says:

    Can’t beat bright colours and polishes for an ‘end of ban’ haul! Jelly Bean looks exactly like the cat we had when I was little, Mojo! I love cats, we live on a busy road now, though, so like you I have no feline friends :’(

  11. says:

    @Tiff – I want to steal the cat too! I better put my polishes under lock and key just in case x
    @Jen – Yes it is Papaya Punch I might test that one first!
    @Vonnie – Yes it is turned up turquoise, I figure it would make a great pedi too!
    @Jade – Thank you it’s your fault the girliness is going on!
    @Kizzy – The polish or the cat or both he he x
    @Nic’s Notebook – I’m working on the cat situation, I’m using this post as a petition to Jamie as proof I need one to be a good blogger!
    @Leanne – I didn’t think I’d go crazy for nail polish but I’m turning really girl lately it’s scary!
    @Pinkty – Well she nearly knocked everything over she was on the higher bit of the wall and I grabbed my stuff just in time. She likes to sneak up on people!
    @TNB – The turq is lovely yes, It’s turned up turquoise to be precise. We thought she was a boy for the longest time because to ginger but I had the owners confirm she is a girl and she’s quite bitchy at times so it makes sense!
    @Lily – that is one of the reasons why I’m worried about having a cat, we live in a built up area but the other cats around here seem to be okay. Maybe I should just foster cats instead!

    Thanks for your approval ladies, it means a lot to me being a novice with nail polish! :D

  12. The Bristol Beauty Blog says:

    You don’t do things by halves do you?! Great haul, I love the polishes all lined up like that together! Looking forward for some notd posts as well. Lovely cat as well! x

  13. Sultry Red says:

    Hehe, you can have all the twit pics of Tabs you want, ,-)

    LOVE those nail polishes, and LOVE the cat, think anybody would notice if I snuck him home with me?

    Ms Red


  14. says:

    @TBB – Yes they do look pretty don’t they? I need to take more photos outside, my neighbours have a cute little garden that would look good in photos.
    @SR – Thank you I always love photos of Tabitha, I think Jelly Bean’s owners know I’m lemming for their cat so they might get suspicious if she went missing!!

    Thanks for your approval girlies! xoxo

  15. liloo says:

    Nice haul! I can’t wait to see all the pinks you’ve got. Funny enough, despite all these polishes, it’s the gorgeous gluffy cat which stole the show
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  16. says:

    Bonjour Liloo – Yes I’m inclined to agree that as lovely as the nail polishes are Jelly Bean is the real star and she knows it! :D

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