COPD Makeup Storage

My new makeup storage!

After posting about how I end up forgetting about the beauty stuff I have, I took on board some ideas from the comments and bought this cute storage box for my makeup. I wanted something that I can keep on my desk so it’s always in front of me and this is perfect. It’s also got a vintage feel with the rose print, pink ribbon and green combo.

As I don’t have much makeup this should accommodate my expansion plans and it’s deep enough for brushes and eyeliners. I got this from WH Smith (in store) for £9.99 marked down from £19.99 so it was a real bargain. I’m also going to take a leaf out of Tamara’s book (Beauty Thesis) and go through my stuff on a regular basis so that everything gets used. I found more bits I haven’t been using yesterday so now I’ve got even more stuff to review…not that I’m complaining.

So what do you think of my new storage solution?

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  1. Kizzy says:

    I love it! It’s cute :)

  2. LeanneOCD says:

    AAwwwww thats so cute. I could do with something like that myself! x

  3. Sarah says:

    Ahh this is gorgeous! I’ve seen this in WH Smith myself! :) I have a black & white Laura Ashley one from there – I think these type of boxes are perfect for storing makeup…can also keep a close eye on what I’m using/not using!


  4. Beki says:

    I’m loving this cute box! I think I need something like this too – currently have a very messy drawer! xx

  5. Pinkty says:

    I love this box, this is so cute, I love the colors :-) I can’t wait to see all the stuff you have inside it !

  6. Miss A says:

    Agree with everyone else – very cute indeed :)

    My make up is all over the place (my handbag, make up bag, in lounge, bedroom, bathroom, even kitchen! *shudder*), need to sort it out (well, I need to get organised first).


  7. Sultry Red says:

    YAY, it’s a prettier verson of what I’ve got. I just used the box a whole heap of Sanctuary goodies came in at Xmas, useful but not as pretty.

    Ms Red


  8. Ashley says:

    Your new make-up storage looks cute, so much better than my boring Sterilite 3-drawers :P

  9. nicoletta says:

    Really pretty, i have seen these in WH smith too. I love to keep everything neat as its easier to find things that way. I keep sorting through my products and clearing out as sometimes you can have too much choice xx

  10. says:

    @Kizzy @LeanneOCD @Sarah @Beki @Pinkty @MissA @SultryRed @Ashley @Nicoletta Aww thanks everyone for your comments. I know my makeup collection is teeny tiny compared to all of yours but I’m trying to catch up! :)

  11. Those Whsmith drawers are so cute! I always look at them in store – the fact that they’re made of cardboard puts me off a bit, but now that Ikea have discontinued their wooden drawers I just have to get one. I love the floral design you’ve brought x

  12. Adriana says:

    It’s so pretty! Love this kind of posts as well….. How’s the planning going?

  13. says:

    @P&L – I used to have those Ikea wooden drawers too. I know what you mean about it being cardboard but it’s quite sturdy. I think it would only be a problem if you have tons of stuff then it may start to sag a bit.
    @Adriana – I still have to select the music and vows for the USA one, mom has sorted the invitations. I have to sort the invitations for the UK one, and our vows. I expect everything to be done by the end of May. Remind me of what I’ve said at the end of the month! Not long now for you?

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