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’s homemade skincare review

Back in January I had the opportunity to make some of my own skincare. I came home with several tubs of goo and I’ve tried them out over the last few months and now I’m ready to critique my own creations. FYI this post is picture heavy.

Cranberry Lemon & Sea Salt and Lime Face Scrubs – These looked pretty amazing when I brought them home but I found them to be way too thick and creamy for my oily complexion. I could barely feel the salt and cranberry seeds that I used and the scent didn’t last very long which was disappointing. My skin did feel nice and soft after using them so it hasn’t been a total bust. I prefer to wash my face with a foaming cleanser so I think I will give these a miss for now.

Pumice foot scrub – This was nice and rough however it needs to be in gel or water soluble paste form as having an oily scrub in the tub is a recipe for disaster. I find foot scrubs to be quite fiddly anyway so they need to be rinsable otherwise it can be quite dangerous. I would use the pumice powder again and make the salt crystals smaller.

Peppermint Face Mask – I really liked the creaminess of the mask but the peppermint felt a bit strange, almost like it was burning my face. It didn’t do my face any harm but I felt like I wanted to wash this off straight away. Otherwise it was okay. I think I need to do a little work on the masks if I want to get something I really like.

Rice Bran Hand Cream – This was too oily as an everyday hand cream and went solid like a balm. But works well for really dry patches like elbows and heels.

*This was reviewed by my friend Christine*

Q10 moisturiser with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus – ’s Q10 Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Cream is a real treat. I am not sure whether she set out to make it for the face, since one of its ingredients is Q10, but I would say it would be too heavy for that, unless you have a very dry face and were going to use this overnight. I have been using it for the areas that require top hydration, like elbows and feet and have found that it keeps them moisturised for a long time (and no, I didn’t ask my husband whether my elbows look any younger!)

Since the cream has Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, it is lovely to use on the feet, as it also gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Regarding the consistency – as I mentioned, it is quite thick, looking more like the consistency of cold brandy butter (now there’s an idea for flavour!), but isn’t greasy. The oil she used separated only very slightly, but this was almost automatically absorbed by scooping out some of the cream from the tub. Since I understand that there were no preservatives in the mixture, I guess it would make sense to use a scoop to get the cream out (not that I was very religious about that).

So… the verdict: I want to put in another order for this, but not sure whether she intends to make it again!

Strawberry Body Butter – I absolutely love the smell of this but I think the coconut oil is a bit overwhelming for my skin. I had to pat myself off with a towel to get the excess off as it just wasn’t sinking in. I love the whipped texture and next time I will use a different type of oil. This is one of those things I would like to perfect over time.

Well I have a new found respect for those who make their own stuff, you need a lot of patience and perseverance to do it. I think it’s best if I concentrate on honing my skills on just one thing at a time. I already have a willing guinea pig with Christine so I plan on unleashing some more of my Frankenstein skincare creations on her!

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  1. AKB says:

    Wow! It’s so cool that you were able to make your own creations. Was this the first round? I’m excited to see more as you continue to tweek your formulations. XO

  2. Sultry Red says:

    That sounds like so much fun to do even if it is trial and error :D

  3. Ayshe says:

    I love the sound of making my own products, the scrubs look great!

  4. says:

    @AKB – This wasn’t my first try, I also had a go at making soaps and bath bombs. The soaps were a lot of fun but the bath bombs were quite stressful. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
    @Sultry Red – It is loads of fun and I’m going to do another class next month shame you can’t come with me!
    @Ayshe – You should try it, I can send you some recipes if you want to give it go!

    Thanks for you comments beauty babes!

  5. Aysh says:

    Wow you make your own stuff? That’s totally amazing hun! And seems like it would be a lot of fun to do :) Are there classes for it? Oooh the Q10 moisturiser looks nice, I’m big on the foot pampering at the mo! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  6. says:

    Hey Aysh! – There is a woman I used to work with who teaches classes otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue. Scrubs and stuff like that are easier to make but creams take a bit of work with all the whipping round and trying to get the consistency right. She’s doing another class soon so I may need more guinea pigs to test out my creations!

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