COPD gets a UV light skin analysis from Sk:n Clinic West Bridgford

UV light skin analysis from Sk:n Clinic West Bridgford

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Most of my adult life I’ve been a bit paranoid of looking old and it’s only since hitting 40 nearly two years back that I’ve not been so psycho about getting a few wrinkles. I’ve mentioned before that I want to look good for my age not unrealistic. However my quest to have a UV light skin analysis just to check the state of my face has never been far from my mind after seeing it done on TV shows like 10 Years Younger.

After making some enquiries with Christine at Tamar PR, she made me an appointment to get a UV skin analysis done from Sk:n Clinics West Bridgford here in Nottingham. I’ve already tried three products from Sk:n which I’ve been really pleased with so I was delighted to find out that they could accommodate my strange request. I took some notes while I was waiting in the reception area:

Building – The Sk:n Clinic in West Bridgford is a large Victorian terraced house which looks clean and inviting from the outside with clear signage. What I love about the clinic is they’ve kept the Victorian features; cornicing on the ceiling, painted iron spindles on the wooden staircase, and the large sash windows. Yes Americans notice these kinds of things!

Reception – The reception/waiting area is modern and clean but still retains the charm of the building. There was upbeat music playing but it wasn’t too loud, and all the product displays were clean, well stocked, and with price points. All the brochures were neat and tidy and the signage was clean and bright.

Staff – Mikayla took my details and had me fill in a medical form and offered me a drink. I was a bit early so I just took in the atmosphere while I waited for my appointment. There were other customers in the waiting area and one of them was a bit miffed about their practitioner being late for the second time. The young woman behind the counter with Mikayla took care of her complaint very swiftly and offered her a treatment which she was happy with.

My appointment – Helen (I hope that’s her name) greeted me with my chart and we went upstairs for our chat. I told her that I didn’t have any particular issues as such but I just wanted to know how much sun damage I had as I’m turning 42 next month. Helen was kind of enough to take pictures of moi sans makeup and take a photo of me under the UV light machine.

So obviously this is me without makeup, and please for the love of God ignore my frizzy mop of hair which will be getting cut and dyed on Wednesday!

This scary photo is the UV light version of COPD! To be honest it’s not as bad as I thought – I think???

Helen walked me through my skin issues as she diagnosed them; I had oil on my nose but it was ‘fresh’ so it hadn’t been on the surface for long. I was told that skin around my eyes looked really good and well hydrated. She asked what eye cream I use and I told her I’d been using Betty Hula ‘The Secret Anti-aging Oil’ to which she responded to keep using it because it works! Helen mentioned that I have a small patch of sun damage on my right cheek but it was nothing to worry about. She then told me the mottled appearance on my skin is from redness and broke capillaries which can be treated with a Mandelic Skin Peel treatment. Lastly Helen said she could tell my skin was well exfoliated, best compliment ever!

Overall I was relieved that my skin didn’t look like a dog’s dinner underneath the lamp. I’ve always used moisturisers with an SPF wherever I can and I never ever sun bathe. I burnt myself badly when I was 16 in Hawaii so I never bothered to try tanning after that which has clearly paid off.

My experience with Sk:n Clinics was very good, Helen was very knowledgeable and gave me some samples to try before I left. I didn’t feel like I was being pressured to have any procedures which means I will definitely go back to have some treatments done. If you have a Sk:n Clinic nearby I suggest you pay a visit!

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Beauty In My Mind – Cosmetics ReviewsJuly 23, 2012 at 12:32 am

Great review :) I’m really intrigued by these skin analysis machines, it’s interesting to see in detail what condition your skin is currently in. I recently tried out the IOMA Sphere briefly and thought it was helpful in showing me which areas on my face require a bit more attention. xx


AysheJuly 23, 2012 at 7:30 am

Your skin looks amazing under the UV (and naturally of course)! I had this and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. Unfortunately the lady who was looking at my skin didn’t really explain anything to me and it seemed to be an exercise to try and sell me a whole lot of products. I’m glad you had such a good experience and that your skin is in such good condition :-) x


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