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Rubber ducky you’re the one – Beauty tips from Sesame Street

Ernie from Sesame Street has always been a happy chap. Why? Because when life is getting him down he just takes a bath to de-stress and hum a little tune to his beloved rubber ducky. We could all take a leaf out of Ernie’s book. Here’s how to do it:

1. Rubber ducky – ‘Daisy’ the luxury duck is sure to become a good friend. Always ready to listen, she greets you with a smile after a hard day’s graft.

2. Shower cap – this  charming Cath Kidston duck bath hat will keep your hairstyle intact.

3. Body gloves – Soap & Glory exfoiliating gloves will ensure you scrub up to perfection!

4. Bathing gel – From my favourite Bliss range Blood Orange + White Pepper soapy suds for the bath.

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