C. Booth Review | Green Apple Microdermabrasion Scrub

c.Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub 118ml

The best thing about travelling is that you never know what new beauty products you will find. I discovered this scrub in a Rite-Aid (chemist) in a small town in Kentucky on my recent trip to the US. I went in for something else and came out with this instead. I couldn’t help myself. The packaging reminded me of Kiehl’s and the words ‘micro dermabrasion’ got my attention. I have never heard of c.Booth’s or Booth’s products as the label says so I didn’t have any expectations.

I arrived back in the UK on 28th May worse for wear. I had a great holiday but between travelling in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Hawaii my skin isn’t at it’s best. Between 6 flights lasting 5 to 10 hours each in less than 3 weeks it’s not surprising. Recycled cabin air, air conditioning and changing climates are for hardened flight attendants, not me.

This scrub is hardcore. I was shocked at how rough it is and how it scrapped all the dead dull skin off my face. I’ve even used it on my elbows and a few other dry patches. This could easily be used as a body scrub and I’ve seen other reviews saying the same. This also gave my skin a plumping/firming affect that lasts all day. You only need about a 20p size dollop to cover your entire face. The green apple fragrance is subtle and doesn’t over power you. It is recommended that you leave two days between using this as it is quite powerful. This is a excellent pre-mask treatment and really helps your other products like moisturisers and serums absorb better. If you love extreme face scrubs then this is for you! People with acne and really sensitive skin probably shouldn’t use this as I would imagine it would aggravate these skin conditions further.

This is available at Ulta Beauty!

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