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Where’s the Zsa Zsa Zu? – Boots Botanics Enlivening Body Polish Review

One of my favourite Sex and the City episodes is in the fifth season when Carrie meets Jack Berger. She tells Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha that Berger gave her that feeling of Zsa Zsa Zu – butterflies in her stomach which is how she knew she liked him. I love it when beauty products give me the same sensation.

This review could go one of two ways. I could say this is a gentle scrub, ideal for those who have sensitive skin that don’t want to use anything really rough; or I could also say it’s rubbish and don’t waste your money because clearly all they have done is chuck a bunch of stuff in a tube and called it a scrub. Before I completely diss this, I will say I love the smell which is quite fresh and not dissimilar to aloe vera or a fern type scent. It has a nice creamy formulation and it rinses really clean so no gooeyness or greasyness. However the grains are too small and there isn’t enough of them to make a real difference so I don’t understand what the point of this scrub is. I also don’t understand why if something costs less than £5, they can’t get more grains in the tube. Surely the grit they use isn’t that expensive. I always want to try different scrubs from different price points but this makes it difficult to get excited about doing so because I know I will always end up being disappointed. *Yawn* come on guys how difficult is it to get this right? Just put more crushed Apricot seeds in and it could redeem itself, otherwise it’s just a nice smelling cream with bits in it.

One last thing I would like to point out is that its mentions on the back of the label ‘tired skin that looks dull or oily needs a thorough workout’. This product is supposed to be for the body but that sounds like it’s a reference to the skin on your face. I’ve never had oily body skin so I think this is a bit strange. Anyway after using this several times for several weeks I have to say ‘Is that all there is?’

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  1. Lisa Antony says:

    Hey Ladies

    I am using this blissful product from Shiffa and its just great. Check it out!!

    Sweetness body polish with Soothing aloe vera to repair and protect. Toning rosemary to ease muscles. Fresh peppermint to revive & stimulate. Spicy black pepper oil to stimulate, energise & Sweet basil to clear the mind.


  1. […] and sweet like you would expect it to be. But gosh darn-it this has the same issues that I had with Boots Botanics and more recently OPI Feet – a lot creamy stuff and not enough scrub. As this is in a tube […]

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