Bonny Doon Farm Skincare Review | Lodge Hand Salve

I always like to look out for new and unusual beauty products and I thought this would be interesting. Hand salve itself isn’t all that special but when it smells like Spruce it makes all the difference. I bought this at Beauty Habit and got it delivered to my parents house before I went there on holiday in May. My mom laughed when she opened the package and said only I would want my hands to smell like a pine cone! She’s probably right, I guess this would be a more masculine smell but I really love the scent. Even though I bought this in May I wanted to wait to use it as I though it would make more sense to try it when my hands are drier and because the scent reminded me of Christmas.

As you can see from the consistency the salve is solid and it looks like a citronella candle. This has a very similar consistency to the Hei Poa Monoi Butter I reviewed a few weeks ago. They are both solid but melt on contact with the skin.

As you can see from the picture above the consistency looks a bit gritty like cous cous, but it does melt into the skin when you rub it in. This contains cocoa butter, olive oil, beeswax, and pure oil of spruce. As the consistency is quite oily when it comes into contact with the skin I thought it would be better as an intense hand treatment. I bought some moisture lock gloves from Wal-mart when I was in Tennessee in May. You can get these kind of gloves from Boots and Body Shop. They are a thin cotton and are meant to be used with a thick moisturiser overnight.

I applied a generous amount of salve to my hands and especially around my cuticles and wore the gloves overnight. It does feel a bit weird wearing gloves to bed but I just pretended I was a hand model. Surprisingly the gloves didn’t get oily from the salve and my hands felt really soft and plumped although my palms were a bit sweaty. I really like the Lodge salve, there is something old-fashioned and comforting about the smell and texture. I don’t think this is practical for an everyday hand cream unless your hands are very dry or chapped. Bonny Doon Farm also make other salves, soaps, skin and hair care, solid and spray perfumes all which can be found at

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