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Hello Body Shop my old friend – Wild Zoe, Olive and Sweet Lemon Body Scrub review

About 2-3 years ago I stopped going to The Body Shop other than to get my scrubby gloves. I can’t remember why or what prompted me to end my relationship with them. It’s kind of like when you fall out with a friend and then see them about 10 years later and you both wonder what happened. I was on my way to Molton Brown this afternoon and I had to pass the Body Shop I decided to go in. They were having a sale on discontinued items but I headed straight for the body scrub. I think I vaguely remember thinking that their scrubs had gone down hill and that I couldn’t be bothered with them anymore. Well everyone deserves a second chance so I decided to road test three of them to see what, if anything had changed.

Wild Zoe Body Scrub – I chose this one because of the smell, it’s not as sugary sweet as the others. The scrub is suspended in a soapy gel, and the small grains are made of bits of walnut and kiwi seed. Whilst this is way too mild for my liking, it is good for people who don’t like to scrub themselves raw like me. I’m thinking of people who like gentle exfoliation, sensitive/irritated skins, or older skins. Just because you’re a pensioner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use body scrub! Rinses easily and doesn’t leave an oily residue.

Olive Body Scrub – I love the olive oil smell of this one but it won’t make you smell like a salad. This is a shame, I would be quite happy to smell like a salad. Anyway, the grains in this one are suspended in a cream base with crushed olive stones and walnut shells for exfoliation. This scrub is a bit rougher than the Wild Zoe and I like it because it isn’t as runny and easy to scoop out of the tub. This is lovely and creamy and does perform well. I would say from my own experience this is a moderate scrub. Enough to get good exfoliation but gentle enough to use a few times a week. This also rinses very well with no residue. This ideal for drier skin types.

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub – This is one of the of their newest scrubs only released a few months ago. I have read a few other blogs talking about the lip butter in this range and I was curious but it didn’t motivate me to go into the shop. If I had known about this scrub I would have been there earlier. One of the first things you notice is the smell, it’s very strong like proper American lemonade which is always a good thing. This scrub is made from sugar so it is rougher and I love it! No surprises there then. There is nothing better than a rough sugary scrub suspended in a water soluble oil. This will make my skin polished and will go great with Korres Lemon Basil shower gel. So two thumbs up to Body Shop for making me happy again.

I bought a few other old favourites that I will be blogging about at a later date. I also signed up to their Love Your Body rewards card which for a £5 annual fee you get 10% off your purchases for a year, and free gift worth £5 on your birthday, and a few other free things when you made a certain amount of purchases. Hopefully this time round I will stay mates with BS for longer.

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