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My Skincare Frenemy – Biotherm

It’s not that often that an entire skincare range can make me feel so disappointed. Normally I can find a few different products that I like and some I don’t, and that’s just the way it is. Biotherm is a division of L’oréal which might explain something.

I was approached by a Biotherm sales person whilst I was looking at another range of skin care products. Looking back I should have told her I wasn’t interested and carried on doing what I was doing. The only problem was she had this little device in her hand and was going to tell me how hydrated my skin was or not as the case may be. Of course I had to find out or else I’d never know! Well I left with a bag full of stuff and much lighter purse. But I was promised moisture and my moisture levels were dangerously low. What like a plant? I also booked an appointment so I could come back in a months time to see if my low hydration levels had improved. Here’s what I bought:

Biosource Biosensitive Soap Free Cleanser – this is the only thing that I’ve managed to use the most of because it’s okayish. Better than a kick in the bum. It’s supposed to help my sensitive skin but it just feels like regular cleanser to me not dissimilar to other L’oréal brand products. Mmm.

Biosource Biosensitive Instant Cool Down Mist – Now what could possibly be wrong with this you say? Well there’s nothing wrong with it but it doesn’t do much. I regularly use toner so I’m not in the ‘what’s the point of toner club’. However this just feels like I’m spraying water on face and then having to wait for it to dry, which then makes my face feel sticky.

Aqausource Biosensitive Dermostabilising Hydrator – Wow what a mouth full! This moisturiser did nothing to relieve my sensitive skin. I think with the combination of the mist and this it just made my skin feel tacky and very unloved.

Source Therapie Superactiv – Now this is a serum to help hydrate and revitalise the skin. Remember as I said before my moisture levels were low. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total idiot for buying this. Why? Because I can’t stand serums. I’ve used several from other skincare brands as I thought they could do something for me but clearly my skin hates them with a passion. My face felt horrible after I used this. Serums are meant to be used in tandem with your moisturiser and the rest of the ‘regime’ you use on your face. But I think you can have too much of a good (in this case bad) thing. If you see me purchasing another serum ever again please feel free to clobber me over the head with a rolling pin!

Hydra-Detox Bio Defensive Mask – This is another product promising to add more moisture to my skin. It’s a mask you can sleep in. I tried it a few times and it was alright but I’ve seen better results with a .99p mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I don’t think they even make this mask anymore as I can’t find it on their website. Maybe even they thought it was rubbish too!

I never went back to find out how much more hydrated my skin was but I learned several lessons; don’t be pressured into buying an entire skincare line you’ve never used, always take samples home before you commit, don’t buy stuff that isn’t in cute packaging, and never ever under any circumstances buy any more serums!

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  1. I totally agree. I’ve made very bad choices myself because the saleswoman pressures too hard until I spend. Actually, the only 2 products from Biotherm I like are the Aquasource face cream (it’s for oily skin) and a product for tired legs: HAPPY LEGS (Which they sadly discontinued).

  2. says:

    I always feel like a fool when I get talked into things at beauty counters. Someone like me should know better. The same has happened with Clinique a few times too! I think the sales staff know when you are at a weak moment.


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