Bi Mat Cay – Little Pot of Miracle Balm or just Vicks in a pretty package?

Bi Mat Cay – Little Pot of Miracle Balm or just Vicks in a pretty package?

Like any respectable beauty magpie I’m a sucker for all things shiny and pretty. I first noticed the Bi Mat Cay pots on the Space NK website many moons ago, sold in a set of 4 that included miracle, lip, hand, and face balms. I even went into the Space NK shop here in Nottingham to gaze upon the box set of loveliness. While £25 seemed a bit much to shell out for four little 6g pots of goo – it looked special enough. In the end I didn’t get the set, I settled on just trying the Miracle Balm which you can get on the Bi Mat Cay website for €6.50.

So what is this balm meant to do? Well according the website it ‘quickly soothes various small pains, muscular pains, headaches and other skin irritations’. This contains camphor essential oil and menthol…..err so does Vicks Vapo Rub. A lot of the ingredients are similar if not the same to Vicks. Even so I tried it on my temples one evening when I had a headache as recommended on the website. It did warm the area I applied it to but it’s no substitution for some Ibuprofen. It also says you can use this for massages which I agree would produce a nice heat but the pot is quite small so you would probably end up using most of it after one massage.

I’ve not tried the other balms and I doubt I will. Bi Mat Cay also now has two new additions to the family Baumassage and Bobomulsion which are creams that do something, but the English translation on the website is a bit vague and fairly commical. So if you can figure out what these new creams are meant to do drop me a line!

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  1. Sounds a bit like Tigerbalm which I have repurchased a number of times over the years. I like those forehead sticks for mild headaches too.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday and checking up on how I’m doing:) Which is much better – we just seemed to keep passing it round over Christmas. x

  2. says:

    Yeah it probably is the same as Tiger Balm, oh well it will come in handy if I get another cold. Glad to hear your feeling better now too! xoxo

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