Benefit Dr. Feelgood Lipscription Review

Review revisit: Benefit Dr Feelgood Lipscription

Hey everyone it’s Jamie here, this post is an free zone. She wanted me to do a follow up review of the Dr. Feelgood Benefit lip balm which comes in a pack with lip scrub called ‘Lipscription’. already has me using loads of other things I would never try but I draw the line at using lip scrub (for now anyway). So this review is just going to be for the lip balm itself.

Before I met I was using Vaseline on my lips and I thought it was pretty good but seriously what did I know as a 19/20 year old bloke? Eventually I got fed up with using Vaseline on my lips as I don’t like to put my fingers in the tin and I always end up with too much. However if I don’t use anything at all my lips get really dry and sore. I walk to work everyday and with this colder weather I definitely need something. shoved the little tube of Benefit lip stuff in my hand about 8 weeks ago and said I would love it and to ignore the packaging. I trust her so that’s what I did.

She’s right I do love it and I shall tell you why. Aside from the print on the packaging I like this little tube as I don’t have to touch the stuff if I don’t want to and it fits nicely in my pocket. The next thing I like about it is that it doesn’t have any scent. I don’t mind kissing when she tastes like apples, coffee beans, strawberry lemonade or any of the other crazy lip balm flavours she has but I don’t want to taste anything on myself. You only need to use a very small amount of the balm itself to cover your lips and I only have to re-apply maybe once or twice a day which I think is pretty good. This should last me all winter which is also a good thing as I didn’t realise this was £23.50!!!!??? I know it’s sold as a set but as per usual I live in naive man world and I thought it was around £3.50 (I can hear you all laughing at me now btw). I would buy this again but I would let do it and live in ignorant bliss about how much it costs.

Oh I also want to add that I have a website too – for bodybuilding supplements. It compares prices and has tips on how to get the best from your workouts!

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