Beauty DIY

When was the last time you worked on your beauty regime?

Dye your hair?

I’ve had every colour under the sun and some colours that you would never find in the natural world. But in the last few years I’ve stuck with varying shades in the brown family.

This Light Golden Brown from L’oreal really works with my pale skintone and green eyes. My natural hair colour is a dull mousy brown that now has silver/grey running through it and not by choice! Natural hair dye is the next trend.

In an ideal world I would dye my hair every two weeks to hide them but I normally leave eight weeks between each session.

Pluck your eyebrows

Tweezerman have the best tweezers I wouldn’t be without them. They may look vicious but they help dig out those little hairs that just sit below the surface.

I used to pluck my eyebrows everyday when I was wearing them razor thin but now I have my eyebrows tattooed and I no longer have to worry about this!

My eyebrows are perfectly shaped, styled and are the correct pigment for my hair and skin colour and it feels amazing to not have to worry about how my brows look as I know they are bold yet defined.

I had these tattooed 6 months ago and they are still going strong! Typically they last between 12 – 24 months and you can go back to your original clinic for regular top-ups. Find out more.

Dye your eyelashes

I’ve only ever dyed my eyebrows at home as it’s pretty tricky to dye your own eyelashes unless you get someone to help you.

I’ve never known a ’30′ day eyebrow dye to last 30 days, I would say after about two weeks I need to do them again. Click here to find out if eyelash dying is safe.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thanks to my Italian heritage I will be inheriting a Tom Selleck in later years if I don’t do something about it now.

Yes it hurts ripping hairs out of your upper lip but no one ever said beauty wasn’t painful.

I’ve been using Elegant Touch for years now, and it’s really easy to use and I can control where the wax goes with the little wooden spatula.

So ladies/gents do you do these things yourself or leave it in the capable hands of a professional?