Beauty buys under £3

Beauty for under £3!

It’s not often that you can find decent beauty buys under £5 let alone £2 so I thought I would share…..

Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel – This smells like an American washing up liquid that my mom used many years ago. But don’t let that put you off, this is really pleasant to use and really thick for a ‘bargain’ shower gel. Good choice for a gym or overnight bag. Available at ASOS for £2.05.

Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque – I’m sure you are all aware of these great little sachets of wonderstuff. I absolutely love this self heating mask, my skin feels so nicely de-greased afterwards. You can find MJ at Superdrug, Boots, and health food shops for around 99p.

Primark You Smoothie Face Scrub – Yeah the retro packaging thing has been done to death but this would be cute for a younger sister/cousin/neice. This isn’t the most amazing face scrub I’ve ever tried but for £1.50 I can’t complain.

Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips – I picked these up at my local Poundland store for umm £1! I’ve never understood why nose strips are so expensive, surely it’s just a bit of cloth and glue that gets activated with water. This did hurt a bit coming off but there was a statisfying amount of gunk on the strip so it was worth it.

Anyone else find some inexpensive beauty buys lately?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ahh I love those face masks! The peel off one is my favourite! Reminds me of when you used to mess around with PVA glue at school – painting it on your hands then peeling it off once it’s dried! ….Or was that just me? =P


  2. says:

    Hey Sarah – No it isn’t just you, I used to do the same thing in journalism class in high school but with rubber cement. I should have been making story boards but a tin of strong smelling glue and disaffeced teenager was a dangerous combination!

    Thanks for stopping by lovely! x

  3. Tiff says:

    I used those pore strips as well from Poundland.
    One of the best bargains I have got.
    It does hurt a little but even the ones you buy in boots and superdrug hurt.
    Plus they hurt your wallet too.
    These are very much for the win
    :) :):)

  4. says:

    Hey Tiff – I know right, I’ve never ever understood why those Biore strips are so fooking expensive. I was in Poundland the other day and I notice that they do ones for your chin and forehead too!

    Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad we found each other xoxo

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