Beautiful Red Tabby Cat

A beautiful Red Tabby Cat!

The one thing I’ve learned from blogging is that if you are going to be a proper beauty blogger you need a cat, dog, or children to post about on those days when beauty just isn’t on your mind. Well I don’t have any of those but I do have an old neighbour who has the most beautiful Red Tabby cat named Boris. When I used to live near Boris he would come to visit me and my ex on a regular basis. You could guarantee that he would come galloping down the drive and wait by the door for us to let him in when we came home. Boris would then jump around on all of the furniture and grab my hands with his paws and chew on them while making funny little noises. When he wasn’t doing that he would paunch me with his razor sharp claws like I was a pin cushion. These are recent pics of my visit to see Boris and right on cue when he saw me he galloped down the drive. What a spectacular cat!

This is right before he started chomping on my hands!

Boris has the most perfect Tabby stripes I’ve ever seen.

What a happy contented mew!

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