Bath & Body Works Island Getaway Haul

Another day another Bath & Body Works haul…………

I just wanted to inform you all that the Axis of Evil that former President Bush spoke about is not Iraq, Iran, and North Korea – It is New Albany, Ohio where Bath & Body Works is made. They know just how to push my buttons and make me want more stuff. They also give you a rope to hang yourself with by having great sales and throwing coupons at you when you are at the tills.

As you probably know from my previous B&BW sale haul that my mom got me some body lotions from the new Island Escape collection. Well upon smelling them I knew I would have to have the shower gels, body sprays, and of course the body scrubs. As B&BW do not ship to the UK (hint hint) I had to contact my personal B&BW shopper (my fantastic mom) to get my hands on the rest of the Island Getaway collection. A ‘care package’ arrived from Tennessee this week at work containing my beauty loot……..

Hawaii Coconut, Fiji Passionfruit, and Bali Mango shower gels – Jamie had the audacity to use the Hawaii Coconut shower gel before me! Did he not realise that I can tell if a shower gel has been used by the amount that is left in the bottle??!! I’m happy for him to use my stuff but not before I’ve tried it first.

Hawaii Coconut, Bali Mango, and Fiji Passionfruit creamy body scrub – I know for a fact that I’m going to need more of these after testing one out. I guess to a normal person it would seem strange that a tube full of scrub could make someone delirously happy but it does!

Hawaii Coconut, Fiji Passionfruit, and Bali Mango body spray – Now these are a real coup for me because I don’t wear that much perfume. I love matching products and B&BW excel at this. These will also make the house smell good to as they linger.

Obviously I shall be reviewing my new beauty loot in the next few weeks – thanks again mom!

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