Bath & Body Works Haul

Bath & Body Works Sale Haul!!!

Oops she did it again….Yes my wonderful mother sent me a box of B&BW goodies. I asked for a couple of things from the sale and I got a huge parcel full of stuff. Jamie has now realised that he will be forever surrounded by ‘piccole cose’ (Italian for little things) the rest of his life now that he’s marrying me. Everywhere you turn in our two bedroom terrace there are little bottles and tubes of something.

Just a minute 60 Second Manicure Scrub from the True Blue Spa range. This scrub smells like orange creamsicle and has a really good plastic lid inside that’s easy to remove instead of the usual foil. These are normally $12 each I think mom got them for 2 for 3.

Suddenly Sauna for Hands from the Bath & Body Works Spa collection. I’ve never seen these before and they look really good. You pour water into the self-heating mitt, put lotion on your hands, and then put your hands in the mitts for 15 minutes. My mom really knows me well!

Island Escape body lotions in Hawaii Coconut, Bali Mango, and Fiji Passionfruit. It’s been at least five years since I got really excited about anything from the Signature Collection but these smell soo good. And now I want the full size ones too! These retail for $3.50 but I think they are on offer at the moment for 3 for $10.

Pocket-bacs in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Market Apple, Twilight Woods, White Citrus, Island Nectar, and Japanese Zoe Blossom. These are normally $1.50 but they are currently on sale 5 for $5.

Oh-so Cozy peppermint scented and shea infused loung socks. I will have the softest feet in Nottingham!

Caribbean Escape mini-candles by Slatkin & Co. She got me three of these but they are on my desk at work and they smell wonderful. These are normally $3.50 each but are currently on sale 3 for $5.

Now that is what I call a wicked haul – Thanks Mom!!!

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  1. nicoletta says:

    Gorgeous goodies, i love bath and body works products i wish they had a uk store x

  2. says:

    I know what you mean Nicoletta, they used to have them and then they packed up and went away! I just have to figure out where I’m going to keep all my new stuff, Jamie is tripping over it! x

  3. Lucky girl! Love the socks!

  4. says:

    Hola Adriana! A few people at worked looked at the socks and thought they were stupid – what do they know? They probably all have feet like hooves anyway! ha ha ha

  5. Faezah says:

    Lucky u dear, mommy get bbw products for you.. Yeah, ever since I tried the handgel.. I’m looking forward to other range of bbw such as body lotion, shower gel, body mist etc ;) just can’t help myself, you see. :P

  6. says:

    Good Morning Faezah! Well guess you could say that Bath & Body Works is my addiction and my mom is my dealer! Just when I think I can live without them they go an make those Island Escape ones, I used the Bali Mango lotion this morning and I’m going to be smelling myself all day! xoxo

  7. Faezah says:

    Same here, recently I have found a supplier who resided in States and take order for my country. There will always be enough in my stock ;) Last week I received my Fiji Passionfruit lotion and tried on my skin, later my colleague praise me for the nice smelling… ;) and quite long lasting, right?

  8. says:

    Hello again Faezah – the day I wore the Bali Mango I too had compliments from a few work colleagues saying that I smelled really good. I love it when that happens it puts me in such a good mood. I’ve told my mom I need the shower gels, scrubs and body sprays now! My dad even uses the Hawaii coconut stuff too! We are a family of B&BW addicts x


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