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Courtney’s NOTW – Barry M Coral

Courtney of Glamorous Barbie Blog takes over again today enjoy!

When I was a little girl, my mum used to confiscate nail polish from me as I got it EVERYWHERE. I thought my mum was mean at the time, I now know she just wanted to keep random red blotches off of her pale blue walls! As you can probably tell, I’ve always had a fascination with nail polish and my mum taking nail polish off me definitely didn’t stop me…

This is Barry M’s Nail Paint in Coral. It is such a beautiful colour and absolutely perfect for the spring/summer that is upon us. I’ve always been more into dark polishes than I have brights, but since I got this, I have been loving brights. I only needed two coats for perfect opaqueness – one coat possibly would have done, but it was a little sheer for my taste. I had actually ran out of top coat, and so this polish looks brilliant even without a top coat! It dries very quickly – there was no waiting time in between me finishing my first coat and starting my second coat. I often find that so called ‘quick dry’ polishes actually aren’t actually quick drying and so whenever I need a real quick dry polish I opt for a Barry M Nail Paint.

Thanks for your review Courtney!

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  1. Courtney – I really love that colour too :)

    – I have tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award x

  2. Aseya says:

    That color is just gorgeous!!

  3. Shopperita says:

    This shade is gorgeous!! It makes me happy looking at it! :D

  4. Pinkty says:

    I quite like this nail polish and Barry M is a good brand, but I can’t find it in France :-(

  5. says:

    @TNB – Thank you for my award!!!
    @Aseya @Shopperita – It is a great colour and I bet it would look super as a pedi too!
    @Pinkty – you sill French girl I could have sent some over but I get to see you in June and we can go shopping!

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