Barry M Nail of the Day Review | Red Glitter | Black

My first NOTD with Barry M Black and Red Glitter!

One of the first things that I discovered reading other beauty blogs was the NOTD (Nail of the Day). I really like these posts especially the way other bloggers hold the nail varnish in their hand. My first NOTD is inspired by two people, the first is fellow beauty blogger Jane at Modesty Brown. She recently did a post on Barry M Racing Green and it made me think about doing my own NOTD. The second person is fictional DC Comics character Harley Quinn. I love her red and black jester outfit so I went for Barry M Black and Red Glitter.

This is three coats of Red Glitter. As anyone with children or someone who does crafting knows, glitter gets everywhere so I had to be very careful with this. Three coats covers my nails really well but I would probably paint my nails with one coat of red first next time to make it more solid looking.

I’ve always loved black nail varnish, probably because my mom hated it! I went through a punk phase in high school and my nails were always black. This is two coats of Barry M Black and I don’t have a top coat on. As you can see it’s quite shiny and has the patent leather effect. The colour isn’t as dense as I thought it would be, I would do three coats next time I use it.

I was curious to see what the Red Glitter would look like on top of the Black. Because the Red Glitter is so thick with glitter it pretty much covered up the Black and started to get a bit messy or maybe it’s just my application!?

I really like the Barry M bottles they are nicely chunky and square. I don’t know why that matters to me but it does. The formulation is easy to apply and each coat dries fairly quickly. The Red Glitter is a great party colour, and the Black is quite glossy so really good for drawing attention to your hands. Barry M nail varnishes are cheap enough to experiment with different fashion colours, I got these at Superdrug when they were on offer for 2 for £5.

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  1. Jan says:

    Congrats on first NOTD – my favourite quick post! Like these colours very much especially the red glitter. Have to agree about chunky bottles, they are important to me too, something about how they sit in the hand. Nice post and pics, thanks for this. Jan x

  2. Alice says:

    I love Barry M too – its so affordable and they have a great range of colours. I really like that black on you – it looks super shiny – I had to re-read when you said that was without a top coat!

  3. says:

    Hey Jan & Alice
    Thanks for the comments. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages. I feel like I’ve passed the test now. I’ll definitely do more in the future x

  4. Wow!! I love this post! I’ll definitely try it.

  5. says:

    Hello Adriana
    This was a lot of fun to do I highly recommend it! x

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