Bargain Beauty: Soap & Glory

Bargain Beauty: Soap & Glory

September 8, 2009

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I’ve seen on some news report that apparently the recession is over? I don’t know about you but I’m still skint as I ever was. The one thing I never like to compromise on when it comes to budgeting is beauty. I’d rather eat beans on toast for a month than go without beauty products. It’s a good thing I don’t have children or else Social Services would be around my house and my only saving grace would be that my kids would have great skin! The founder of the Bliss range created the Soap and Glory range for her cash strapped sis-tahs.  The bottles and tubes are cute and kitsch with ’so bad they’re good’ puns written on them. Here are some of my faves from the extensive range:

soap-and-glory-scrub-your-nose-in-itScrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub 125ml


This claims to help refine large pores and prevent blemishes. My pores are the size of the Grand Canyon. I swear they can be seen from space. Anything that would claim to refine, shrink or erase them would be a miracle product.

This has a lovely texture with fine mild scrubbing action. It would be difficult to damage your skin as this is quite gentle which I did not expect. The smell and appearance is like tooth paste which some how seems to work. It does make your skin feel clean and mattified afterwards. It can also be used as a mask if you leave it on for a few minutes longer.

Contains: Kaolin

Some Like It Hot Body Softening Thermal Scrub 200ml10079947


I love thermal scrubs. They remind me of my trip to the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland. This has a pink gooey consistency that I would class as a moderate scrub. It’s best used on damp skin to get the full effect of the warming thermal action. The scent has quite a fresh smell reminiscent of summers at the swimming pool. It also has a mattifying effect on the skin and skin is left feeling warm and purified. It rinses away on the skin really well and doesn’t leave a ring around the tub.

Contains: Macadamia oil, white sand grains

SOAP & GLORYButter Up Special Dry Skin Spa Formula Deluxe Body Smoothing Cream 200ml


What a mouthful! I as a rule can’t stand body butters but the smell of this made me buy it. It reminds me of orange creamsicles or tropical Soleros. My main issue with body butters (especially used in the summer months) are they are quite heavy and just sit on the skin. I suppose I never have dry enough skin to get the full effect of body butters but this one sinks into the skin and absorbs pretty much straight away. It works really well on dry chapped elbows which if you work in an office like me is a constant problem. I’m always putting my elbows on my desk whilst on the phone or staring at the computer trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. As a result the thin skin on the elbow gets scuffed and it can be quite difficult to get rid of the roughness once it sets in. I used this week for several weeks and it has really helped soothe and smooth that area.

Contains: Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil


The range is definitely cheap and cheerful. I say this not to put you off but you get what you pay for. If you are used to using more expensive treatments then you may be disappointed with the results/smell/texture of these goodies. Part of their charm is the packaging so they are ideal for gifts for young adults or friends/relatives that are in need of a skincare regime (and all the hints you’ve dropped haven’t worked).

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United Kingdom

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