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Vermont’s Original Bag Balm 10oz

I don’t know where I first read about Bag Balm but I do remember a reference to ‘cult celebrity buy’ attached to it. I usually ignore this type of hype as it means a product that is shockingly expensive that only celebs can afford. Not on this occasion thankfully. Bag Balm is indeed affordable. It also appeals to me for the kitsch/vintage tin factor and the fact that it was originally made and is still used for cows. No, not the bitchy girls from your office, but actual mooing milk giving cows. It was made to soothe the udders of cows as they are prone to being sore and chapped. I was quite delighted to find this at a farm store in Tennessee on my recent jaunt across the Atlantic. I eagerly asked the sales clerk if they had it in stock and they pointed me in the direction past the feed supplies.

The smell of the Bag Balm has a light, slightly medicinal smell to it. I can’t imagine it smelling like anything else to be fair. I thought it would be like the thick gooey texture of Vaseline but it feels lighter than that and it really easy to spread. I always get bad heat rash when I’m in Tennessee so when I returned I used Bag Balm on the bumpy skin on the inside of my arm and on my elbows. It cleared the bumps up really quickly and softened my elbows which are always hard to keep smooth.

I’ve read a few other reviews to see what other people have used it for and I’m sure this isn’t an exhaustive list; chapped lips, nappy rash, dry skin, cracked heels, cuts/grazes, burns, post-tattoo remedy, and squeaky bed springs! My favourite use that I’ve read about is from Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog. She slathers her feet in Bag Balm as intense moisturiser and wears socks to bed. The next morning her ‘hooves’ are super soft. I’m going to be trying this very soon!

Bag Balm is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on animals only. The Bag Balm website makes no mention of it being suitable for use on humans but it’s been used for chapped skin since it started in 1899 when farmer’s wives noticed their husband’s hands were softer than theirs or so the legend goes. For the pet owners out there it can also be used for cuts, scratches, skin irritations and paw abrasions. Now you have a beauty product to share with your favourite kitty or pooch!

This is available at Carbolic Soap Company!

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  1. Christine de Pizan says:

    Thank you, Cows!


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