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It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day with Aveda Caribbean Therapy

Aveda is more well know for their haircare products but they do offer and extensive range of bath & body products, skincare, men’s products, makeup, perfume, gifts and some very refreshing teas! I’ve regularly used the Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner to give my dull locks a boost.

Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser – I bought this in a travel size. I always try to take advantage of this when brands offer it as it’s a great way to test products before committing to a full size product. This is a very creamy body wash that smells wonderful. It’s very gentle on the skin. I did find that it doesn’t lather as easy like shower gels do. I really had to work it into my scrubby gloves to get some foam so if you don’t use gloves or a washing implement you may have to work the lather in your hands. Make sure you don’t keep adding  more as it will eventually lather up. Whilst I did like using this, it didn’t wow me enough to buy a full size product. It would be great for someone who has tight dry skin as it does leave it very hydrated afterwards.

Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub – This contains sea salt, Caribbean cane sugar, coconut, avocado and passion fruit oils. When you open up this tub you notice three things: the smell which is fabulous like ginger and lime, the tub says 450g but it was only about 3/4 the way full which I think is a bit cheeky considering the price, and you have to stir it up as the oils and sugar separate. I was a bit dismayed with the amount in the tub but you only need a few handfuls to do your entire body. This is quite oily even after  stirring it up, so you need to be careful to rinse the shower afterwards. I thought the sugar felt nice and rough but there was way too much oil for my liking. If I could change it I would have definitely put more sugar and sea salt into it and less oil. If you are a regular user of body oil in the shower this would be a great alternative to buying seperate exfoliator and body oil. This would also be good for people who suffer from constant dry legs in the winter. I would use this again but I’m going to save it for the colder months when my skin is zapped of moisture.

Caribbean Therapy Body Cream – Contains Caribbean Mango and coconut. I also bought this in a travel size. I didn’t really need to use the body cream after using the body scrub but I wanted to try it anyway. This by far is my favourite product as the cream sinks right into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It also smells wonderful like the rest of the range. I don’t usually use body lotions and creams in the summer but I would use this and I will definitely get a full size one for the winter months instead of using body butter which is too heavy for me.

Overall verdict – I will pass on the body cleanser but I will keep the body scrub and body cream in my winter arsenal to combat dry skin. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of Aveda’s travel sizes as it is a great way to try something because if you don’t like it, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your hard earned cash.

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