Aveda Skincare Review | Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub 450g

Review revisit – Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub 450g

Back in June I did a review for the Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub. Now that I’m near the bottom of the tub I thought I would go back to my original views and see if I still felt the same way.

Size – 450g is quite generous for a scrub, but my first observation was that the tub was only 3/4 of the way full which I thought took the mick.

Scent – The ginger fragrance is really strong and I love it. It reminds me of ginger ale or Old Jamaica ginger beer. The smell lingers on your skin and gives the scrub a bit of an edge.

Scrubbing grains – This contains sea salt and Caribbean cane sugar. The combination of the two make this scrub nice and rough which as you all know is my preference.

Oil – This is one of the oiliest scrubs I’ve ever used. This can be quite dangerous in a bath or shower and I’ve always had to be careful when using this. You also have to stir the oil around each time you use it. I found that if you don’t, you scrub will end up like this:

I had to chip away at the chunky bits of scrub to use them which is a bit annoying when you are in the shower. Thankfully I always have a scrub spatula on hand!

Price – I bought this in Atlanta, GA and I paid $39.50, it retails in the UK for £28.00. I think £28 is a bit much for this and I recently found it at Lookfantastic for £23.80 which I think is more reasonable.

Even though this scrub has some good points I don’t love it enough to be buy it again. It just doesn’t hit the mark for me. Oh darn that means I’ll have to buy some other scrubs!

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