Aussie Three Minute Miracle Review

Aussie, I need more than 3 minutes!

This year my hair has been through a few changes. I’ve messed with the colour of my hair since I was about 12 (Sun-In has a lot to answer for) so that’s nothing new but this year I’ve gone from very dark brown (nearly black), to strawberry blonde to varying shades of red. My hair has been bleached, highlighted, coloured and re-coloured. I’ve finally settled on a coppery shade (L’oreal Excellence Creme 630 Light Golden Brown) I’m happy with and I’m currently growing it out for my wedding next year. This biggest issue I have now as you might have guessed, is the texture of my tresses. I’ve had my hair chopped several times to get rid of frazzled ends but my hairdresser told me to give it extra help with some deep conditioning treatments.

I remember when Aussie products were popular back in high school. My cousin Lela and I used the non-aerosol hair spray like there was no ozone layer to be concerned about. I dropped many $$$ at Rite-Aid in the Flemington Mall in New Jersey on this cream and purple pump hair spray that smelled of grape cough syrup. In later years I’ve used their ‘Mega’ shampoos and conditioners with mixed results.

Three minute miracle has Safflower Seed Oil which helps to mend split ends and rough hair cuticles. I’ve used this twice a week for about 4 weeks now. I have to say I’ve not really seen much difference in my hair. The conditioner smells wonderful and it is nice to use in the shower. I usually slap it on right before I use one of many body scrubs, which usually takes a few minutes anyway. When my three minutes are up, I’ve had to rinse my hair for longer than usual because this weighs my hair down. I have fine oily hair so I’ve only put it on the ends, but this just makes my hair limp. I also tried varying amounts and again no luck. Even though it weighs down my hair it still doesn’t feel that conditioned – just greasy. I’m guessing this just doesn’t work for my hair type.

The other thing I’d like to mention is the opening at the bottom. I believe I’ve been storing it correctly but I’ve found that it leaks and mostly recently leaked all over my *gasp* Molton Brown shower gels. Clearly it wasn’t meant to be, even if Aussie have a cute purple kangaroo mascot!

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