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‘All the better to kiss you with’ Babybear Shop Lip Balm 7g

I love discovering new beauty brands online. You know those little independent companies that have been founded by someone who couldn’t find what they wanted on the shelves already. That’s exactly what Babybear Shop is all about. It was started by a mum whose children suffer from allergies and she was unable to find baby products that her children wouldn’t react to. She went on to create 100% natural organic babycare products that she would be happy to use on her babies skin as well as herself.

The Babybear lip balm formulation is different from other lip products I usually go for. My other lip balms have a creamy texture but these are much lighter and glide on very easily. The balms aren’t heavily scented so ideal for those who can’t tolerate the smell of sweet lip products. Yes, there are some of us out there who don’t want their lips to smell like chocolate or strawberries! As I am also a cute packaging junkie, I whole-heartedly appreciate the attention to detail on these sliding tins. Most sliding tin lip balm packaging just has a sticker placed on it for the label. However these tins are screen printed and colour co-ordinated. Why is this important?  It just shows how much they care about the presentation of their product they’ve worked so hard on.

You can buy the lip balms individually or in a set. They come in four flavours Pepperminty, Chai Mandarin, Pomegranate, and Lavender Vanilla. Obviously I had to get all four I hate to choose between lip balms. The Chai Mandarin is my favourite, it has a lovely smell of clove infused oranges. Pepperminty gives your lips a lovely tingle and the peppermint oil freshens your breath. Lavender Vanilla has a stronger smell of lavender than it does vanilla so I think you could also use this behind your ears and on your pulse points as a solid perfume. Pomegranate is a subtle not in your face flavour that will appeal to those who do not want any colour on their lips. These are high quality 100% natural and organic lip balms with fabulous recyclable packaging. Babybear Shop also sells body butter, soy wax candles, and soap.

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